Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Time with George & Lyssa

Saturday we checked out of our hotel and then had some time to waste before we needed to take George and Lyssa to the airport to head to her home in PA. Once we dropped them off, Harold and I headed up to Indianapolis to spend the rest of the weekend with Roxie, Ken & Jake and then head home on Monday.

So, we took George to buy a few pair of jeans and shirts to fit, since his old clothes are all too big for him. Then we went to the Patton Museum on base. They were having some special events going on including a WWII reinactment. We got there in time for it. I stayed in the car to wait as my knees and legs were bothering me and it involved a lot of walking to get to where the reinactment was. They took lots of pics and even some video. I could hear all the shooting and firing of the tanks from where I was and I could see some of the vehicles and tanks from where we parked and at the end a few of the tanks even came right up to where I was, so I got a few shots with my cell phone (all pics thru a fence are mine). After the reinactment, they toured the museum.

After that, we met up with Christian Cuevas and his family for lunch (we also had dinner with them on Fri. night), before we had to head out to the airport.
Christian & George

Luis & Alma Cuevas

Alma's sister and daughter.

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