Saturday, March 21, 2009

Update on the Boys

Just wanted to let family and friends know that the boys are doing well.

Jacob should be in his new living qtrs. by now and we plan to call him tomorrow and hopefully obtain an address for him, so look for an e-mail soon with that.

George is doing very well. He has been made Squad Leader now and is happy about that. They are in White Phase, which means they have a few more priviledges and don't have the drill sergeants in their face all the time now. His group won the Rifle Marksmanship Competition. He qualified as a Sharpshooter. He said he was only 1 point away from expert, but his gun jammed or something and messed up one of his shots, but he is happy he qualified as Sharpshooter as he didn't think he would. He is looking forward to us coming next month for Family Day. It is over Easter weekend, so we will get to spend Easter with him before he has to report back that afternoon. He will then start his Armor tank training and graduation is scheduled for that on May 29th, so we will go again to see him then. He called on Tues. and said that he should be finding out this week where he will be stationed after he graduates, so we hope to hear from him this weekend about that. Well, please keep writing him as he is very homesick and cards and letters help a great deal - no care packages please. He does like getting clipping of comic strips that you might think he would enjoy or cross word puzzles, word puzzles, word searches from the newspaper if you don't do them.

Easter Cards made by Sr. Ctr. Ladies

Here are a few of the cards that some of my ladies at the Sr. Center made (I had another picture of others, but I forgot to save it onto my cellphone, forgot my camera again) I took several stamp sets and demoed one similar to the Chick-in-egg one and they went from their to create their own. I also had some flowers, brads and foam shapes that they also used on the cards (as you can see). They had a great time. The center card with the cross was actually made to be a Happy Birthday card and since I did not have a HB stamp she had me handwrite it in for her on the inside. She wanted something that was somewhat masculine, and with what I had with me, this is what we came up with. The card you can barely see in the back in pink was also done as a birthday card, you can kinds see where I had handwritten "Happy Birthday" on it as well. She need one for a woman and one for a man. They had a blast creating their own Easter cards and each made about 4-5 cards - each one a little different.

Swap card

Another local demonstrator got several other demos and some of her customers together to do a local swap and this is the card I created for that. I used markers to ink up the stamp with all the colors and then stamped it...the colors used are Stampin' Up!'s YoYo Yellow, Pumpkin Pie, Creamy Caramel and Garden Green. The image is stamped on Very Vanilla and the edges of the Very Vanilla and the Pumpkin Pie card stock were distressed using the distressing tool. I chose not to put on a sentiment, but there is room in the upper left corner to put either Happy Easter, Happy Birthday, Thinking of You or Thank You or anything else you would like. Also, no sentiment on the inside so that they could customize it to what ever use they wanted or just use as a note card. I like the way it turned out....I will take a picture of the swap cards I received later and post them.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We've got SNOW!!!!

Well, I guess I spoke to soon the other day. Sunday it started snowing and by 6:30 pm Jacob took this picture with my camera.
Backyard from upper sliding glass door - glow is streetlight.

I LOVE SNOW! I just don't care to be out in the cold anymore, so I just watch the snow fall thru the sliding glass door and windows and then enjoy the scenery from the warmth of my home. Harold and I were watching the new Jesse Stone movie on Sun. evening and just before 11pm and the ending at a very crutial point the power went about frustrating....I can only hope it replays sometime this week so we can see the ending. Anyway, it stayed off, so out came extra blankets during the night and it was still off when we got up. Harold and Jacob made a grocery run and decided to buy a Coleman Propane Heater they found at Walmart. As soon as they got home they got out the propane bottles we had stored and the Coleman stove for later and assembled the heater (very simple) and the instant (and I do mean the instant) that Harold lit the heater, the power came back on. It was sooo funny. We let it continue to run for awhile though to help heat the living room as it was quite cold by then. The power had been out for 16 hrs. I had already called my friend, Margarethe to see if we could borrow her shower if the power did not come back on by early evening, but thank goodness it did. Here are some pictures Jacob took at about 11am today. Isn't the snow beautiful...just enough to enjoy, but not too much to drive you crazy. Jacob, Harold and another neighbors son, Jonathan shoveled snow from our neighbor Alice's driveway after doing ours.

Front of our house.

View of backyard from upper sliding glass door.

House across the street. They just moved out this weekend - moving to Naples, FL - just in time to miss the snow.