Sunday, June 14, 2009

More Jeep troubles lead to a new car for George.

I just realized that I never posted about the adventures behind George getting a new car. Jacob has his Jeep down in NC using it while George was in training and we were going to go get it back for him to take to his new duty station, Ft. Riley, KS. Unfortunately, when Jacob went home the last time he had visited it started acting up when he got within about an hr. from Ft. Bragg. (now keep in mind before he came home on that trip he had to get a new alternator and battery). Well, it started making some strange noises in the front wheel area and he stopped and called us....his dad just told him to drive slower and try to get back to the base and take it in the next day. Well, he made it to the base, but then it started having problems when he tried to back up. It took him a few days to get it to Sears and when he described the problem they said it was possibly transmission and to take it to elsewhere as they did not do that, so he took it to Aamco. Turned out the front wheel hub assembly was bad (lucky it didn't fall apart on him as it was broke). Thank goodness he had just gotten his bonus, so he had the money to get that repaired, BUT it would not be done in time for George to take it to KS. Well, we contemplated letting him take my Explorer and I would then get the Jeep later from Jacob to use until we could go visit him and swap. But he decided to go car shopping and found a great deal on a 2008 Ford Focus 4-dr. with all the bells and whistles on it. After some fanagling to get them to finance him (his credit is lousy), he was able to get a good deal and get the Focus. He closed the deal on Fri. and he picked it up on Sunday, packed up and left. He had to meet up with a friend, that was also going to Ft. Riley and they were following each other out there, so they met up at George's girlfriend, Lyssa's home in Philly on Sun. and left on Mon., 6/8 as they had to report on 6/9. The trip went well and they got there around 5pm on Tues. Here are some pictures of his new Focus (next to Harold's 2000 Focus). It worked out and now Jacob has the Jeep to use until he deploys the end of Aug./Sept. and they it will come here until George can either get it or decides to sell it.
George in his new car (2008 Ford Focus)
Jacob in the Jeep (5/25 - the day he went back and it started having the problems)

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