Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sympathy Card

Here is a card I sent to someone in my LNSDemosOnly group, whose BIL passed away recently.

I need to make more Sympathy cards to have on hand. Seems here lately, between the groups I am in and family, I have constantly been in need of one and never have one handy and I hate making them at the time needed. I have missed sending a lot out as a result.

More RAKS received

Here are some more RAKs I have received from VCRockers.

Marisol Guiterrez (my Spicy Floor roomie)

 RAK Attack from the Salty Floor - Lorita
This was done using My Digital Studio.

 Taco Card by Patrice Herrera

Inside of Taco Card - Too cute!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Here's What I've Been Up too!

As I mentioned below I am in an online group called VC Rocks and have been having a blast. So now to share some of what I have been doing with them.
First off is one of the RAKs I made to send out to a couple of people.

Here are the RAKs I received:

 This one is from Barb Furlong

 This one is from Carey Rogers (and Roscoe, the swap eating dog)

 This one is from Jeanie Carter

 This is from Marisol Gutierrez (my virtual roomie)

Both of the above ones are from Nichole Smith

Now for the 2 swaps I have been in:

The first was a Background Technique Swap. I did the Tie Dye Technique. First time I ever did it, so not positive it came out toally write, but I was happy with it.

Here are the ones I received back:

 L - Rubber Thwapping (bag of dried beans, rice, etc.)
by Jane Hignite
R - Faux Silk
by Norma Chiaramonte

 L - Salted Background
by Debbie Peterson
R - Bleach Stamping
by Alicia Tomicich-Wiley

 L - Waxed Paper Resist
by Unkn.
R - Bubble/Reinker
by Jamie Adcock

 L - Metallic Rubber Bands
by Joyce Pacer
R - Stamping
by Nanci Lee Hoppe

L - Shaving Cream
R - Chalk Lines
Both by Barb Furlong

Next was the bookmark swap. Here is my swap. I was very pleased with how it turned out.I used the Sailing Away stamp set from the Summer Mini.

Here are the ones I received back:

Aren't they great...I will have to note later which is by whom.

We also have weekly challenges, but I have only participated in 2 so far. The first was to scrapbook something with a picture of yourself at any age. I did one of me with a picture where I was about 2 years old. I did it on My Digital Studio (MDS). Love that program.

The second challenge I did was to create a panty/bra card in the color you were wearing that day. Mine aren't as sexy, but the color was right. :-)

I've seen these around for awhile, but this was my first time to make them. I put the black thru the Big Shot using one of the Texturz Plates. You can't really see the raised dezign very well in this picture. The  trim on the bra was done using the Eyelet Border punch. The center is a flower from the Boho punch with a pearl in the center.

Last for now is the roomie boxes that my Virtual Hotel roomie and I swapped. Here is what I sent her:

 There are other goodies inside the pail, a daisy paperclip, more M&Ms, pen, eraser, paper weight.

 These are bottle cap magnets

 These are the cards I sent

I sent the Twizzlers and owl paperclips for Solimar and Joaquin

Here is what I received. I loved everything!

Well, that is all for now. We had a Spicy Floor swap (our Virtual Hotel), but they have just been mailed back, so I don't want to spoil what mine was for the girls that participated, just in case any of them view my blog. I will share mine and the ones I receive back as soon as I get them.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Catching Up!

Sorry to have neglected my blog. I have doing more here lately and have a lot to share from a new stamping group I am in (new to me), called VCRocks (Virtual Convention Rocks). I have been having a blast, sending and receiving RAKs, joined a couple of swaps and we even have a Virtual Hotel and Roomie. I am on the Spicy Floor and have a gotten to know my roomie some via e-mail. We also exchanged roomie goodie boxes. I just got mine, but will be opening it tonight (waiting for her acknowledgement of my receiving it, she got mine already and we will both now open them). I was unable to share anything until received by all and then I just got busy. So tonight I plan to get everything downloaded. So there will be lots of pics and posts coming up tonight, so please check back tomorrow (as it will be late when I get it all done).