Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our Visit with Roxie, Ken & Jake

We had a GREAT time visiting Roxie, Ken & Jake. It was wonderful having them come down for George's graduation and I was so glad we could take the time to go up and visit them some more after that.

They took us out sightseeing on Sunday. Our first stop was the Indianapolis Speedway and as a surprise - we got to take a guided bus ride around the track. We got lucky and caught the last bus, as they were taking all the busses off for the rest of the day for a fundraiser "Ride for Riley (Hospital)". 10,000 motorcyclists had signed up to take a ride around the track on their bikes, so we got to see that afterwards as the track goes around the musuem that we toured after our bus ride. Here are some pictures taken from the bus and then of the motorcycles.

The Speedway was the brainchild of Carl Fisher and with the help of several others he created it for auto companies to test their vehicles. It opened in 1909, but the first Indy 500 wasn't held until 1911. He owned it from 1909 until 1927, when he sold it to Captain Eddie Rickenbacker (WWI flying "ace" and had also been an Indy 500 driver). He owned it until 1945, after that I can't remember anything. I do remember that the track was originally dirt and gravel, but that it was so uneven that it was quickly redone with brick by the end of the year and thus obtained the name "The Brickyard".

That is Harold, Roxie, Jake and Ken walking up to the museum.
This is the only section of the original brick track left and is at the starting line.
Jake really enjoyed the bus ride.
The lead motorcycle is driven by the Govenor of Indiana. This one was taken with my regular lens...the one below was taken with my high power lens. I love my new camera.
This was my favorite vehicle - I just thought it was neat looking - and it was huge compared to the others. Roxie & Ken liked the name of it, of course (below). It was tested at Indy Brickyard in 1938 and then was driven by Ab Jenkins (also one of the designers) in 1940 on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah and set 49 world records for land speed and endurance, 12 of which still stand today.
After the Speedway, we headed downtown to see the sites and have some lunch at Jimmy John's - very good sandwiches.
This was a monument to all the Indiana Veterans from different wars. It was beautiful.
Then they took us to walk along the canal. It was beautiful. The first picture was heading the opposite direction from what we went and took you to the USS Indiana.
The first thing we saw was this painting under one of the walkways of the USS Indiana.
This is the Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial along the walk.
This is the Indiana State Museum, which Harold, Roxie and Jake toured after the walk. I was sore from walking so I waited in the cafeteria and relaxed with a cool beverage. Ken had to go back along the walk as he had lost his glasses and was hoping they fell out of his pocket and he would find them. No luck.
This is looking back where we came from (see the Memorial on the right, the Museum is on the other side of the canal from where this was taken.
Just a little further and we rounded a corner to this view, we walked to the overpass and then to the right where we stopped in front of the Hall of Champions (Basketball) and the NCAA Headquarters.
This is where our walk ended and then we went back over the overpass picture in the pic before this and went to the museum.
Here is a mother duck and her little ducklings that were in this pond.
While we weren't sure what this was suppose to be, Jake and I just had to take a picture with it. The bench is between the pond and the NCAA Headquarters and the Hall of Champions.
I was very proud of myself for completing the walk, although we did not walk back, Harold and Ken went and got the car and picked Risa, Jake and I at the museum.
After we returned to the apartment, Ken, Jake and Harold went for a short walk along the trail that Ken walks on regularly (and loves to find snakes). They did not see any snakes this time, but a mother duck and her larger ducklings were there and Harold got this picture of them.
One last picture with Roxie and Jake before we left on Monday.

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Roxie said...

I love all your pictures Cindy! the one of you and Jake with the "frog" is really cute and so is the one of him on the bus! You got a really good shot of those motorcycles, too! It was such a great visit. Thanks for coming!