Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Day with Good Friends and then A Day with Family

Saturday was another busy day. Margarethe and I took a quick drive out to Dahlgren for our friend Anna's 50th Birthday BBQ Bash.

Margarethe & Anna
Anna & her grandson, Benjanin
Margarethe & Benjanin
We had to leave the party early as we had a previously planned dinner date with Mary and Gayle at Famous Dave's BBQ. Had a great time seeing them again. We rarely get the two of them available at the same time, due to travel. Gayle and Carl are usually away on pleasure on the weekends and Mary has been on a lot of business travel overseas here lately. Maragarethe has been on a lot of business travel as well, but hers is usually Mon. - Fri., so she is home on the weekends.
Jacob is home this weekend and until today, I really hadn't had a chance to see him. So today we (him, DH and I) went to the movies to see "UP! It was really good, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Then Jacob wanted to go to Sakura's Jap. Steakhouse for dinner (they went to Carlos O'Kelly's last night without me ;-( ), but since I love Sakura's too, I forgave them. Jacob will head back to NC tomorrow afternoon. He hasn't decided if he will come home for the 4th of July or stay in NC and go somewhere with friends down there.

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