Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jacob Army Swearing In/Oath

Sorry to be so late getting this posted...Jacob took his final oath for the Army - given by his dad - on Sept. 18th. Following that he had to eat a quick lunch that they provided for all the new recruits there in the eating area at MEPS and then after a briefing they quickly loaded them into a van to take them to the airport to catch their planes for wherever they were headed. Jacob and several others got in the van for Ft. Bennings. They did this all so quickly I didn't even get to get a picture of him getting into the van. So we didn't really get to spend anytime with him other than the few minutes it took to take his oath. We had hoped to have time to take him to lunch, but no such luck. I started missing him immediately. He has called twice and we have received 3 short letters since he left...His call today was a short pre-written message saying he has started his training is doing well and has his address and will be mailing a letter with it. As soon as we get it I will get it out to the family. Below is some video taken of the oath ceremony. The first is Harold giving a short speech and history of family military and the second one is of the oath...I missed the start of both trying to take the still photos and switching over...Harold kept getting started to fast for me.

Since his departure, I had a 2-day crop (scrapbooking) function on the 19th & 20th. On the 20th I also set up a Stampin' Up! table at the Habitat for Humanity Harvest festival from 10-5pm and stamped tattoos on the kids, my downline - Gabby, had a simple card for people to stamp if so desired. It was pretty slow as there were lots of things going on that weekend, but it was nice...I turned into a lobster again. My friend Maragarethe went with us as well. I took her home afterwards and headed back to the crop. By the time I got home I was sniffly and achy and obviously coming down with the cold that Harold had started up with on Fri. I have been down all week with it. Still have the cough. Harold is over it completely.

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