Saturday, May 31, 2008

Graduation Gift Card Holders

These are some gift card holders I made for graduation. I made one in my son's school colors (teal and black) and one in his girlfriend's school colors (red, white & blue). Not sure if I will be using them for them as I haven't decided if I will give them gift cards or an actual gift. Have to decide quick as graduation is on Fri', June 6th.
Used the Stampin' Up! retired set "Tassel Time"

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Prom 2008

Here is the better picture of Jacob and Michelle that I promised...I love her dress.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Here are some cards I made for Jacob's JROTC group for them to use for guest speakers and such at some of their events. He wanted them in the school colors for both schools (the program is joint between the two schools). Spotsylvania H.S. is the red, white and blue; and Massaponax H.S. is teal and black. After bugging me forever to make them, he took them in to show the instructor, but never took them back to give to him. They were inspired by card samples from SUCreations, but can't remember who made the original ones.

Hatty Birthday

Now of course, I had to have the "Hattitude" stamp set! Here are 2 cards I made with it. This set will definitely get a lot of use.

Jacob & Michelle's Prom Picture

So here is the lovely couple once again. This was taken just before they left for the prom...I will post a better picture later, the sun was in their eyes for this one. Aren't they a handsome couple (no prejudice from the proud mom). They went to dinner first with friends to Mimi's Cafe and then on to the prom. The after-prom party was held at FunLand again and they had a great time there. I was chaperoning, but I was tucked quietly away in a room doing the Karaoke contest, so I did not see them until just before it ended and the winners of the door prizes were being called out. Kids came in and had to sing me a song using the karaoke machine and then they were entered in for a chance to win the machine. So needless to say, I wasn't exactly quietly tucked away, but it was fun. Not a single one of the kids that came in could carry a tune, the only one that probably could had a sore throat, so her voice cracked a lot, but I think if it had not been for that she would have sounded good, unfortunately, how well you sang was not how you won. In the end, Jacob and Michelle won the machine (I did not draw the winner since they had entered just before the contest ended) Only ended up with 7 participates counting them, so the odds were good.

Burnished Copper Cards

These are two cards I made in a class at a stamp store in Hollywood, Maryland (which is now closed). The copper piece is heated with a lighter-sized butane burner to get the multi-color effect and then embossed. The chicken card was embossed using a brass template; the tassel card was embossed free-hand on a stamped image. This technique was a lot of fun to do, of course I had to purchase all of the supplies to make more and as usual they were packed away and forgotten about. I was rearranging my craft room and going thru everything sorting things out and came across the supplies and these cards, so they are now in an accessible place and I have promised myself I will get them back out soon and make some more cards.