Wednesday, June 3, 2009

George's IET Graduation

We drove out to KY on Wed. and arrived that night and Thurs. morning we went back up to Louisville to pick George's girlfriend, Lyssa, up at the airport. That evening was their Graduation Dinner. Here are a few pics from that.
George & Lyssa

Tony, Shirley(?), Allen Dombrowski, Michelle (mom) & dad. Michelle and I have been e-mailing one another, since Family Day. It was nice to finally meet her and the rest of Dom's family. Their hotel room was across the hall from us, so we got to see a lot of each other. We also went to lunch together after the graduation.
Roxie and Ken arrived at the hotel, just before we returned that evening. It was great to see them and meet little Jake for the first time.
Roxie, Ken & Jake in front of Abrams tank, before going in to Theatre for the Graduation Ceremony.
4th Platoon - The Punishers - Honor Platoon
George is in first row 3rd from the right.
The person in front is the Platoon Guide, George is a Squad Leader.
PV2 George Ferenz
Official "Tankers" now
George - ? - Richards - Christian Cuevas

Ken, Jake, George & Roxie
Jake (isn't he adorable- he was having fun playing with the rocks)

George with his Graduation Gift from us.

George and Jake

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Roxie said...

Hey, I love all the pics! Could you e-mail me the one of George and Lyssa and George by himself? I would like them for my scrapbook.