Sunday, March 23, 2008

2008 JROTC Military Ball

Well, I am finally getting a chance to get back to my blog. Last weekend was a busy one. Fri., 3/15 was our son's JROTC Military Ball and he had asked us to chaperone. We had a great time dressing up and watching the kids. They are a great bunch of kids, so it was an easy job. We had a very nice dinner and then the kids danced the night away. DH and I were even able to slip in on the last slow dance ourselves. Jacob's girlfriend was crowned Ball Queen. Jacob didn't make King, but he only lost by one vote. Soooo close! He was okay with that thou. Don't my men look spiffy, they clean up nice, don't they. My husband was happy that he fit into his uniform again for this. We have been doing Jenny Craig and he had reached the goal he set for himself. As you can see I am a looong way away from my goal, but I have lost 30 lbs. I just have to keep reminding myself, that it took me a long time to get this way and it is going to take a long time to get it off. I would rather do it the slow way and hope it will stay off. I am not one to go the surgery route (big chicken). I've known several girls that had the gastic by-pass and it did well for them, but I just can't see me ever going that route. Anyway, Saturday, I attended Day 2 of a crop I was suppose to be at on Fri. as well, but missed it to go to the ball. I won the silent auction for a Cricut Expressions. Spent more than I should have, but got a great deal on it along with a lot of extras for it. Sunday was Jacob's 18th birthday and he had some of his JROTC friends over for a video game tournament and grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. Fun was had by all.

This weekend is my only quiet one at home for awhile. Next week I have my monthly crop with friends, vending at the Barbara Hicks Geslock's Women's Forum and Sun., I am doing a workshop with military families to make a mini wallet album and card to send to their spouses/parents that are deployed to Iraq. That should be a lot of fun. The first weekend in April I am vending again at a fundraising Bingo for a friend of mine's son's youth bowling league and the second weekend I am vending at a fundraiser for another friend's Order of the Eastern Star's First Craft Fair (another fundraiser). I still need to decide when to have another stamp-a-stack at my house.

I just finished a baby gift for my niece. I will post a picture of it after I have mailed it off to her and allowed a few days for it to get to her.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Light Unto My Path

This one was the second one we did....I originially had done it in Classic Night of Navy ink as I did not have a large one in craft. But at the last minute I remembered I had the spots and grabbed it. Good thing I did. The girls decided they wanted to emboss it as well and it really did come out so much darker with the craft ink, so it looked much better. However my vanilla craft pad need to be inked some more as it was a little dry. It looked okay when you just stamped it, but they also decided to emboss it as well and when they did it went transparent, so you could only read it when held at the right angle and could see the shiny lettering. They still like it though. Again, simple and easy to do for beginners.

Birthday Whimsy

Here is the first card we did, all but one of the girls at the workshop are beginners, so I am keeping it simple...they wanted to learn to emboss. We used Craft Ink in Tempting Turquoise and YoYo Yello, same in cardstock as well as Taken with Teal. Used clear embossing powder over that.

Crazy Week

Well, this week has been a crazy one...started my blog...had to get my SU tax stuff ready (What a major pain!) for Friday and prepare for a crop and workshop that I had on Sat. All of which kept me up later at night then I usually stay up (I am a night owl), but still having to get up earlier than I usually do to run different errands this week. My son, Jacob, who is usually a very quite person, got mad at someone at school and tried to pick a fight with a brick wall. The wall won! Spent Monday night in the ER for that and they put on a temp. splint. Followed-up with my ortho on Thurs., luckily he had not fractured the 5th metacarpal bone where they said, but had closer to the wrist, so he only has to wear a strap on wrist cover vs. a cast. Anyway, taxes are done, the broken hand averted, and the crop and workshop over with. I got home around 10pm last night and ached all over, think I am trying to come down with something. My throat is a little sore now as well, achiness has eased off. The crop was nice. I got the little leprechaun pin I wanted to make for one of my Red Hat groups done, as we are having a luncheon on St. Patty's Day. Idea for the pin was from a card made by Debbie McGillivray on SU Creations and is now the Front Page card on JustforSUdemos. One of the make-n-takes at the crop was done by a friend of mine, Theresa, with Angel Co., the dragonfly card is the one I made with her. I left the crop long enough for my SU workshop which went over well. I will post the cards we made there next. Now to prepare for the Craft Fair I am setting up at this coming weekend.