Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our Family

Here are a few other photos we had taken. Aren't the men in my life handsome!!! (No partialism there ;-D)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jacob's Basic/Infantry Turning Blue & Graduation

Well, we made it down to Ft. Benning again for Jacob's Turning Blue Ceremony and Basic/Infantry Training Graduation. Below are pictures from the Turning Blue Ceremony on Thursday - this is where they receive their blue Infantry Cord. Parents were able to place the cord onto their soldier. It was a very nice ceremony, but cold and they told us to dress even warmer for the graduation ceremony that would be held the next day - and they were right! George had been unable to come with us as while Jacob was receiving his cord, George was taking his first oath into the Army up in Ft. Lee, GA (ashame we can't be 2 places at one time). More on George in a minute - as there have been some changes in his plans.

Doesn't he look sharp!!!!
Friday was their Graduation Ceremony (pics below) and we nearly froze to death. The temp was 20 degrees and a good breeze was blowing. They put on a little demo for us and then the guys marched in and then marched in front of us before the ceremony ended. Not much to it, but still impressive. Since Harold is retired Navy we got VIP seats and got to sit in the pavillion on folding chairs instead of in the bleachers, so that was nice. Most of the ones that seats were saved for did not show up - or at least did not opt to sit there. I wish they had as there were seats for a LTC Prather 2 rows in front of us, but he never showed. I had planned to introduce myself, but unable to and Jacob did not know who they were related too as he did not know of anyone with that name in the company. Jacob is in the second row on the far right of the picture of his platoon. In the picture of them marching in front of us he is the second guy on the last row.

We had a very nice visit with Jacob. He got a pass for the weekend and spent it with us at the hotel. We went to see the Pine Mtn. Wild Animal Safari. It is a small drive-thru zoo, but it was fun. Mostly deer, elk, zebra, and pot-belly pigs with a few other things thrown in - most of the African animals were in pens, but we could see them, except the giraffes - I think they decided it was too cold to come out. They also had a walk-about zoo with a few other animals. We also went to the movies and saw "Gran Torino" with Clint Eastwood. Very good movie! We also visited a local establishment that one of my Red Hat ladies told me to visit (she met her husband in Ft. Benning 40 or so years ago). She told us to go to Dinglewood Pharmacy and have one of their "World Famous Hotdogs" and we did. We had the special "Scrambled Dog" which is a hotdog on a bun, smothered in chili (and I do mean smothered) and topped with cheese, onions and oyster crackers. It was very good.

Now for the update on George! He originally wanted to learn to work on Black Hawk Helicopters, but there were no openings now and he didn't want to wait any longer to go in, so he picked one of his other choices and will now be going to Ft. Knox, KY to train to be an Abrams Tank Crewmen. He will be taking his final oath and leaving on Feb. 4th. Harold will be giving him his oath like he did Jacob. Even thou he did not get his first choice, he is still very excited about going into the Army.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Birthday and a Happy New Year!!!!!

Hi Everyone,
Well, yesterday was my 52nd birthday and the family and my best friend, Margarethe and Jacob's friend Megan went out to dinner where we go every year - one of our favorite places - Sakura's Japanese Steak House. I usually get a picture of the group, but forgot to have one taken this year, but did get one of the boys and Megan while we were waiting to be seated. Four cameras and none of us remembered to have a group shot taken. Oh well!

We had a great chef (forgot to take pics of him as well) - very entertaining and delicious food!

Afterwards, Jacob and Megan had us drop them off downtown for First Night to ring in the New Year, but several hours later they called to be picked up as they decided it was too cold to stay out. Soooo, they watched a video in his room while DH and I watched Mama Mia (which I got for Christmas). Just before midnight we paused the videos, opened up some Sparkling Apple Cider and tuned into the Dick Clark New Year Show and watched the ball come down and toasted in the New Year in the comfort of our living room. Then we resumed our movies and once done took Megan home. George was out with his friends ringing in the New Year - I have no idea what time he got in as he was still out when I went to bed at 4am.

Today Margarethe, Mary and Melodye took me to lunch at Famous Dave's BBQ to enjoy another delicious meal and great company! I have to share the gifts given and made for me by Mary and Gayle (given to Mary to give me since she could not join us).

They wanted me to learn to knit and I finally tried last year and I just don't have the knack or the patience for it and I keep telling them "Why should I learn to knit when I have 4 friends that knit beautifully and give me such beautiful knitted gifts!" The blue and white dish towel and washcloth and Gardenia lotion and bath gel are from Gayle and the turquoise cowel neck scarf is from Mary (I know it has a specific name but can't think of it at this time). Aren't they beautiful - Love the colors! Margarethe gave me money to order some stamps I want with - Yah Whoooo! She also made the cutest card which I am also sharing with you (Note: we are all cat lovers)

Card front

Inside of card

Now note that there is NO signature. She is notorious for this...her logic is that we should know who the card is from and this way we can reuse it - Like any of us would! - Nope, it will be added to my scrapbook (if I ever get caught up).

Well, that is all for now. I hope everyone has a Very, Very Happy 2009!