Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jewelry Class

Friday was a busy day. We just had Verizon Fios hooked up last Sat. for our computer, phone, and TV, so I had to take the controllers and such back to Comcast and cancel our service with them, finally made it there on Thurs. and found out I had forgotten about the internet modem, so I had to take that back on Fri., got our closing bill amount and paid it off (less than the bill I had that was due, so that worked out great). I then had to pick a check up from Margarethe's house and deposit it for her Stampin' Up! order, buy the time I got that all done, there was no way I was going to make it up to Woodbridge (about 45min. away) for lunch, so I stopped and got a Slaw dog at a new little restaurant next to the new credit union branch, ate and then headed on up to meet with some of my Red Hat Scarlet Sophisticate girls for Canasta. Afterwards, some of us headed out to dinner at Moe's Southwestern Grill for dinner and then to Caleb's Lighthouse Bead Store for a jewelry Class. Below is the watch I made. We had a choice of this watch, a double strand bracelet or 1 of 2 single strand bracelets. We all made this watch, but we changed out the dull red beads they had given us for some shinier ones - since we are all about the shiny bling! Joanne decided to make the band of hers as a single strand using the Swarovski Crystals and the red hearts and silver spacers from one of the single strand bracelets. Wish I had gotten a picture of it as it came out really nice. (I will try to get one when she wears it and add it to this post)


Mary in VA said...

Very pretty watch! So where is this bead store?

Stampndragon said...

This store is in Manassas - called Caleb's Lighthouse.

A Touch of SOL said...

Hey Roomie...This is BEAUTIFUL! I am making Solimar's teacher a watch...I like the bracelet design of your watch...I am going to have to try this are too cute in your red hat...LOVE IT!