Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm Baaaack!

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for your patience while I have been away visiting my parents. My dad was moved to a phys. rehab./nursing home facility on approx. Sept. 18th and had a feeding tube put in as he was not eating and when he swallowed it went into his lungs. He is in constant pain and not doing any better. He has Dysphasia, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Leucocytosis, along with many other problems. I arrived there on the 19th and just returned home today. My mother also has some health issues (heart, and in her legs - arthritis, bursitis and fibromyalgia). She can barely get around due to her leg/knee problems. My sister and I spent the past few weeks rearranging my dad's bedroom - removed the huge CA King-size bed and put the full-size bed with the elec. controls for head and feet in his room and cleared out some of the papers and things he has collected/stashed away over time. We also took some excess furniture out of my mothers room as she has fallen several times and it is very hard to get her up as she can't help you much once she is down. We ordered a portable lift for her and now have room to use it in her room, when she goes down in the hallway or bathroom, we will have to figure that out when it happens as no room for the lift. We also got rid of some un-needed things in the living room and entryway to make things easier for her to get around. I am not in great shape, so my sister did most of the phys. labor, but I was there to back her up with my parents to say - this IS happening. With mom we met less resistance, it was usually dad that resisted us. We got a lot done, still a lot to do, but she can now get it accomplished overtime as we have the ball rolling on it now. Dad is not doing any better than he was when I got there, but not much worse, but based on the meeting we finally got with the director of nurses yesterday, before I left today and my sister met with the doctor today and got the same story, it is not looking good as he (my dad) is not cooperating with phys. therapy, because of the extreme pain he is in, so the therapy will stop and they are going to concentrate on pain control and then reevaluate him again in about 10days and keep doing that for awhile to see if they get any improvement. We did get to celebrate my dad's 77th birthday and all the local family were able to come to the nursing home at the same time and sing Happy Birthday, I even made a cake (which he unfortunately he couldn't eat). We each had some for him and gave the rest to the staff.

On the bright side, while I was home I was able to attend my HS reunion. It was for all of the 70's classes. DH came just a few days before hand to join me as we graduated together at the same school - Yep - HS sweeties. We had a great time and gave me a chance to relax. It was wonderful to see all my old friends and acquaintances from HS. We had a approx. 210 people attend and had a good turnout for each year (although I don't remember seeing anyone for 1970). We had a "Blast from the Past". I will have pics posted later on my personal blog, http://dragonsndragonflies.blogspot.com/

Well, enough talking (although it is good therapy for me - thanks for reading). After I have had some time to rest and get some things done here I will be posting some cards for you - I promise.

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