Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jacob's Rose Bushes

I decided that since I was posting pictures of everyone else's garden I should do the same for mine, unfortunately, nothing of mine is blooming yet except one of Jacob's rose bushes. So here is a picture of my little garden area in back, which is in need of some attention and his roses, which are in the opposite corner.

I have got to get some springtime flowering plants in this garden to add some color. My daffodils have not bloomed yet and the others won't until into the summer. I think my Black-eyed Susans are coming back. I also plan to remove the rocks around my garden and replace with the same ones Jacob and I used for the front of the house. I have some left, but need to buy more. Maybe I can get him to do it for me when he is home over Memorial weekend.

His pink tea rose bush is loaded with buds and should be bursting with blooms soon, so I will post pictures of it when it does and when everything starts to bloom in my garden I will post some pictures of it. My Day Lillies in front should be blooming anytime now. My Purple cone flowers came back nice and full, so I can't wait to see them bloom, a few others did not come back or are not growing as quickly, but did come back. So only time will tell on those. I think even one of my Gerber daisies is growing again.

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