Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cards Received in a Swap

I meant to post these a few months ago. Tracy Latino got a group of local SU demos and some of her customers together to do a local swap. (Mine was the "Inspired by Nature" card posted in March). Here are the ones I received in trade and some of the ones we made at her house when we went to swap them. First the ones I received. Unfortunately, I don't know who made each of these except one and I put her name under her card.
By Gabby Davoy
Next are the cards and a calendar in an acrylic frame that we each made while there. We also made a cute little Easter basket with the Petal Card die for the Big Shot.
This isn't a very good picture of the little basket, but you get the general ends up being heart-shaped and the little card goes into the pocket on the front (you can kinda see it)

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