Friday, April 17, 2009


Jacob finally decided to take the plunge and get his driver's license. He came home today for the weekend and his dad took him to get his license. SOoooo, consider yourself warned, he is out on the road now on his own. ;-D I just had to give him a hard time, actually he is a very good driver, so you should be safe...I just have to get thru the first time he is out on his own driving... which is right now. He decided to go visit a few friends. He will be taking George's Jeep back to NC to use until George is done with his training and then depending on where George is stationed as to if he will have to return it to him or he gets to use it until he deploys in Aug./Sept.

P.S. Despite the time shown for the posting of this it is acually 9:56 pm now.

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Roxie said...

Congrats, Jacob!! Way to go!