Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Nephew - Davy - ELOPED!

Well, I forgot to mention in the last post that we also got a call from DH's sister to advise us that their son (only boy out of 6 kids) had gotten married on April 20th - actually he eloped. Took everyone by surprise. All we can do at this point is wish him well and hope that it all works out for them. He is 18 and I believe she just turned 18 very recently. We will be waiting for updates on that issue to see how it all pans out.....I think she was still in shock when she called us.
Also, his little sister Reina, went to her Prom on the 18th and to quote her "had the best night of her life". They looked very sharp in their outfits. She is so pretty (he's not to bad either LOL!)Here is a picture of Reina and her date Alec.

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Lindsey, Jason, & Jay said...

I think we're all in shock about Davy! I believe his new wife's birthday was actually on the same day they got married, so she literally JUST turned 18. I sure wish them the best.
Reina is so funny! I wish I had her kind of energy!! :0)