Friday, April 17, 2009

Cards by My Sr. Ctr. Ladies

Today was my day at the Sr. Ctr. again. No planned card, just took supples for some all occassion cards and let them make what they want for what they needed them for. They had a blast. One of the ladies had painted a wooden cross and wanted me to decorate it, so with the limited supplies on hand, we stamped some leaves and a few flowers on it. It didn't come out too bad considering.

Here are some of the cards they made...I actually remembered to take my camera and then remembered to actually take some pictures again.
Aren't they a creative bunch....I just cut the paper for them once they decide what they want to stamp and they take it from there. I give a few tips every now and then.


Roxie said...

I think that is such a nice thing that you do, Cindy. I'm sure they look forward to your visit every month. The cards turned out lovely, and I really like the cross that you did, too!

Lauren said...

Great cards! Very clean yet elegant design, they are indeed very creative!