Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another Update

George is doing very well in Basic and Graduation/Family Day for that is April 10th, so we are going to go and see him. Jacob hopes to be able to go with us and surprise him. We will go pick him up at Ft. Bragg and go straight to Ft. Knox from there. It will be nice to have both the boys together for Easter. Especially since we know Jacob won't be home for it next year...he deploys in Aug. for 1 year. The following week George will start his Armor Tank Crewman training, also in Ft. Knox. This week is their 10-mile ruck march, overnight campout until Wed. evening and then they march back and get ready for Friday. Unfortunately, George can't go more than 50 mi. from base so we will be unable to go visit Roxie, Ken, and Jake ;-(. Hopefully we can see them in May when we go back for his graduation from Armor Training.

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