Monday, February 23, 2009

My Ladies Stamp St. Patty's Day Cards

On the 20th I made my monthly run to the Westmoreland (Col. Beach) Sr. Ctr. to make cards. I refer to them as "My Ladies" and they get a kick out of that. They had requested St. Patty's Day cards this time, so I grabbed the sets I had new and old and one of the new SAB sets to use the Polka Dot Heart in it to make shamrocks (inspired by Sue Duffy)and the new heart punch. I also took several other punches to make the leprechaun face I made last year as pins, to put on the cards. They had a blast and for once I remembered to take my camera and take pictures of their creations. Last month and this time I did not create a card in advance, just went with themed items for them to use and let their own creative juices flow and made occasional suggestions when asked. They are a very creative group. Ruth can't stamp the images, but she loves to color them in and she loves flowers and butterflies, so we stamped her some of the flower images from one of the sets and she went to town...I put one of them together into a card for her (pictured below). For the longest she wouldn't join us and just watched us from afar and then started coming to the table to watch and last month we stamped a few images and she sat and colored them in, so we plan to do that for her from now on. She is an artist and likes to draw and we attempt to get her to draw a little something for us every so often. You can tell she once had a very good artistic talent and it is starting to come out again. You can see the joy on her face now when she is coloring in her stamped images. It is a wonderful site.

Next month we will be making Easter cards, of course. I plan to create one or two cards for them this time, but I will also take enough for them to create their own designs (and I know they will). I will try to remember to take my camera again and take more pictures of their creations to share with you.


Lindsey, Jason, & Jay said...

You are so amazing!! I am glad you can bring so much joy to your ladies! That one lady did a wonderful job coloring the flowers in, they look so pretty! I hope she continues to join you.

Ramblin Rose said...

Love your pictures. You are one very busy lady! I'm a stamper and Red hatter also and am giving my first class at the Senior Center in May. Amazingly enough I also have two sons but neither was ever in the military although both my DH and I were.

Rose Ann