Sunday, February 8, 2009

George is Officially a Soldier!

Here Harold is talking about the families history in the military.

The administering of the oath.

George signs the final papers. (At least for now)

A final goodbye hug (Yes, I did get one after I took this picture)

Sorry for the delay in getting these posted, but I have been staying busy since he left. As of Wed., Feb. 4th, George is officially enlisted into the Army, like his little brother, Jacob. However, he has gone to Ft. Knox, KY for his one-stop training for Basic and Abrams Tank Crewmen School. We talked with him today and he is doing well and so far he is still excited about the whole thing. As soon as we have an address for him, I will e-mail it to the family and close friends.

Jacob is still in Ft. Benning and started Airborne School last Monday. He will be graduating on Feb. 21st. We will not be going down for that as the indication is we would not get anytime to spend with him as he will probably be moved over to Ranger Pre-training that same day and not be given any real leave time. His Sergeant will pin his wings on in our absence. I'll see if there is any way he can get someone to take a picture for me and e-mail it to me for me to post. He has been jumping from a 35-ft. tower this past week and this week will do more of the same and the third/final week they will move on to a 250-ft. tower the final week and make their jumps from the plane as well and then graduate. I still can't understand wanting to willingly jump from a perfectly good plane.

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