Monday, September 21, 2015

More Halloween & Thanksgivings Cards

After everyone left from the Stamp Camps, I had additional parts that had been pre-done and decided to make some more cards. I also had some skull & crossbones I had not used yet and Bonnye decided she wanted to make cards with them. I helped her with the orange card, but she wanted to do the black one "All by herself" and did, even used the monoadhesive. So proud of her, she did it a little like the first one, but added her own touches. So cute.

 Inspired my Jennifer's card

 Inspired by Zanea's card
 Bonnye's first card
Bonnye's second card that she did all by herself. Think I will add a white "Boo!" to it tomorrow though, on top of the black one, so that it shows up.

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