Friday, September 18, 2015

09-18-15 Sr. Ctr. Class - Halloween/Thanksgiving Bottles

Had so much fun today at the Westmoreland Active Lifestyle Ctr. (Col. Beach Sr. Ctr.) today. For this one, I had everything pre-stamped, die cute, punched, etc. So all they had to do was pick a few of the various choices and make their Halloween and their Thanksgiving's bands for their bottle. They had a great time decorating them and this was one time that they all were able to work a little on each of their own projects. Kim added googly eyes to her acorn, so the rest decided to as well as it was so cute. Myrt came up with the suggestions to get some essence oils to put in the bottle and the wood sticks you use for that and you'd have your own incense. Great idea! Thanks again to Mary Brown for inspiring this project(see previous post for link to her blog)

 Betty Jean
Ginny glued her Burlap Ribbon to the bottle before I showed them that the project was interchangeable bands, 1 bottle per person. She was the only one that chose the black bottle.
BJ (Betty Jean)
L-R: Frances, Kim's hubby, Kim, Ginny (yellow shirt)
Cute little place markers they had for lunch time.
Myrt (standing)
L-R: Gale, Nancy, BJ

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