Saturday, July 2, 2016

June Sr. Center Cardmaking Day (Rescheduled and done on 7/1/16)

Due to the Sr. Ctr.'s air conditioning breaking, the center closed the day I was to go, so I rescheduled as I wasn't going to be here for our usual date in July, so I wouldn't go until August again. I actually had everything pre-cut and stamped in advance and was ready when I got the email about the cancellation. So we rescheduled for 7/1. They really liked the cards I had this time and made more than usual. I gave them several color choices in each and they used up a lot of what I precut. I had no roses left. A couple did a little recreating. I like it when they do that and we have a couple of new ladies that are crafty, so I'm seeing more creativity again and not having to make the cards for them and they help the ones that need the assistance.

 My samples

 Collection of most of the cards made 
(Only 4 of Margarette's shown(she made 7) and BJ had already left with her 4 cards)

 Margarette's 4 cards

 Gail's cards 
(helped her some as she has some vision issues now)

 2 on left are Ethel's and the 2 on right are Denise's

The 3 in front and turquoise one in back are Francis's. Denise helped her with hers.

Cards I made for Cindy T. the Sr. Ctr. Manager.
Gave her my 2 samples and then she requested 3 more balloon cards.

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