Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We've got SNOW!!!!

Well, I guess I spoke to soon the other day. Sunday it started snowing and by 6:30 pm Jacob took this picture with my camera.
Backyard from upper sliding glass door - glow is streetlight.

I LOVE SNOW! I just don't care to be out in the cold anymore, so I just watch the snow fall thru the sliding glass door and windows and then enjoy the scenery from the warmth of my home. Harold and I were watching the new Jesse Stone movie on Sun. evening and just before 11pm and the ending at a very crutial point the power went out....talk about frustrating....I can only hope it replays sometime this week so we can see the ending. Anyway, it stayed off, so out came extra blankets during the night and it was still off when we got up. Harold and Jacob made a grocery run and decided to buy a Coleman Propane Heater they found at Walmart. As soon as they got home they got out the propane bottles we had stored and the Coleman stove for later and assembled the heater (very simple) and the instant (and I do mean the instant) that Harold lit the heater, the power came back on. It was sooo funny. We let it continue to run for awhile though to help heat the living room as it was quite cold by then. The power had been out for 16 hrs. I had already called my friend, Margarethe to see if we could borrow her shower if the power did not come back on by early evening, but thank goodness it did. Here are some pictures Jacob took at about 11am today. Isn't the snow beautiful...just enough to enjoy, but not too much to drive you crazy. Jacob, Harold and another neighbors son, Jonathan shoveled snow from our neighbor Alice's driveway after doing ours.

Front of our house.

View of backyard from upper sliding glass door.

House across the street. They just moved out this weekend - moving to Naples, FL - just in time to miss the snow.


Lindsey, Jason, & Jay said...

How beautiful!! I agree with you though, I love to watch snow...from inside of a warm home!

Debra said...


I am soooo envious of your snowfall and your beautiful home. The pics Jacob took are so good...love 'em! So glad that Jacob is home for a while and that George is doing well at Ft. Knox.

When you get a chance, check out my blog...I've uploaded photos of my studio, finally.