Saturday, March 21, 2009

Easter Cards made by Sr. Ctr. Ladies

Here are a few of the cards that some of my ladies at the Sr. Center made (I had another picture of others, but I forgot to save it onto my cellphone, forgot my camera again) I took several stamp sets and demoed one similar to the Chick-in-egg one and they went from their to create their own. I also had some flowers, brads and foam shapes that they also used on the cards (as you can see). They had a great time. The center card with the cross was actually made to be a Happy Birthday card and since I did not have a HB stamp she had me handwrite it in for her on the inside. She wanted something that was somewhat masculine, and with what I had with me, this is what we came up with. The card you can barely see in the back in pink was also done as a birthday card, you can kinds see where I had handwritten "Happy Birthday" on it as well. She need one for a woman and one for a man. They had a blast creating their own Easter cards and each made about 4-5 cards - each one a little different.

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Ramblin Rose said...

Beautiful Easter cards!

Rose Ann