Monday, December 15, 2008

Open House items

Here are the items I made to sell at a recent Home Demo Open House at a friends house. I did pretty good this time and sold most of it. The pails on the end are filled with decorated peppermint patties and mini Hershey's candy and they are then put on lollipop sticks. some of the peppermint patties were sold individually on and off the stick. The Santa and Snowmen are wrapped around small Hershey's candy bars and Kit Kats. The rectangular tins are ones I got at Michaels and decorated and the round tins had an M (for M&M) on them and I covered the M and added ribbon and a tag. I also made some other gift card holders (above the Santa candy) and also decorated a pringles can and a clear paint can as gift containers and decorated a couple of gift bags. The jars I got at Ikea and decorated, added ribbon and a tag and filled with M&M's plain or peanut and Hershey's Kisses. What I had left over has been used as gifts and or door prizes for my Red Hat groups.

I found these pails with the fur at Target along with the others and just had to use them for my Red Hat group as gifts for the Queen Mother and Co-Queens of my Scarlet Sophisticates group and had to decorate in red and purple, of course. (Note: I had to keep them put up high as my cats kept wanting to steal them to play with the fur on them). The jars I gave to the girls that rode up to the Christmas party with me and gave one as a door prize. That function was on Sat. and we had a great time. My Busy Bee group had their party last Monday and I gave one of the pails that was left from the open house to use as one of our Christmas Bingo Door Prizes.


Roxie said...

Oh my goodness, you made so many cute things! I'm not surprised that most of them sold. I'm so glad you posted pictures of all this, I just love seeing all your handiwork!

Linda McClain said...

How adorable. I love your assortment.