Saturday, September 6, 2008

Explosion Box

Today Margarethe and I went to an Explosion Box class held at the Handcraft House in Madison. We got to choose our paper (the instructor had chosen a few combos for us to choose from or we could get our own combo). I choose one she had put together as I decided it would be perfect for my other niece, Risa , who is pregnant with her second baby (she is having a boy again) and Margarethe picked out her own combo (which I am going to semi-copy for my niece Roxie (Risa's twin sister) who is now a stay-at-home mom and is giving piano lessons and just recently had a recital for her students...I thought the music decorated paper would be perfect for her to put together a little memento for herself of the event (it is the open purple and green one and the one on the left of the three boxes, the other two are the instructors samples. All very pretty. When we got home Margarethe immediately started making a Halloween decorated one that she had gotten paper for. She didn't get it finished before we left to meet Mary, Melody and Gayle for dinner, so I was unable to get a picture of it. I'm sure she will have it done by the time I see her tomorrow, so I will get some of it then. I was really nice. I plan to make more in the near future as I really liked these and they are soooo easy to make once you have done one. The baby one I made is Daisy Design paper and the one she made is BoBunny Paper. Will definitely have to make one with some Stampin' Up! paper to have as a sample. Can't wait to see one with photos attached to the interior flaps and maybe a few embellishments added to them.

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