Thursday, August 14, 2008

Greetings from sunny Marco Island, FL

Hi everyone!! Well, I made it to sunny Marco Island, FL. Harold is here for a conference and I had to come along to take in some sun (my poor white body needed it). Plus those of you that know me know I LOVE the beach and I miss it. As you can see it is absolutely gorgeous here. Above is a view from our balcony. Ain't it grand!!!! I am loving it. I even got up early this morning (and I am NOT a morning person) and went for a walk on the beach. I have been picking a lot of beautiful seashells and taking lots of pictures (of course). Can't wait to share them. Later today Harold and I are going on a Sailing and Shelling Tour on a 6-passenger catamaran. I can hardly wait. Never done anything like that before and am excited about it. I will share more pictures later. Love ya'! Note: the boys are at home in VA and I know they are wishing they could be here - but Harold and I are really enjoying this time together by ourselves. He will be returning home tomorrow (we got here on Monday) and I will be going from here to TX to visit family. Will finally get to see my new little nephew, Jay-Jay and my other niece, Tiffany's new house, as well as visit my folks and siblings.

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Mary in VA said...

Cool - since attachments get stripped from my email I can see the pic. Looks gorgeous and sounds like you're having fun!