Sunday, March 2, 2008

Crazy Week

Well, this week has been a crazy one...started my blog...had to get my SU tax stuff ready (What a major pain!) for Friday and prepare for a crop and workshop that I had on Sat. All of which kept me up later at night then I usually stay up (I am a night owl), but still having to get up earlier than I usually do to run different errands this week. My son, Jacob, who is usually a very quite person, got mad at someone at school and tried to pick a fight with a brick wall. The wall won! Spent Monday night in the ER for that and they put on a temp. splint. Followed-up with my ortho on Thurs., luckily he had not fractured the 5th metacarpal bone where they said, but had closer to the wrist, so he only has to wear a strap on wrist cover vs. a cast. Anyway, taxes are done, the broken hand averted, and the crop and workshop over with. I got home around 10pm last night and ached all over, think I am trying to come down with something. My throat is a little sore now as well, achiness has eased off. The crop was nice. I got the little leprechaun pin I wanted to make for one of my Red Hat groups done, as we are having a luncheon on St. Patty's Day. Idea for the pin was from a card made by Debbie McGillivray on SU Creations and is now the Front Page card on JustforSUdemos. One of the make-n-takes at the crop was done by a friend of mine, Theresa, with Angel Co., the dragonfly card is the one I made with her. I left the crop long enough for my SU workshop which went over well. I will post the cards we made there next. Now to prepare for the Craft Fair I am setting up at this coming weekend.

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procrastistamper said...

LOVE the leprechaun...I just had to make one myself and put it on my blog!