Sunday, December 6, 2009

More Sr. Cards and cards to Jacob

Well, I went to the Sr. Center again on Fri. to make more cards. We had a blast. 4 ladies this time....counting Janice, the director...she tries to sqeeze in time between phone calls to make a card or two when I go. Anyway, here are the cards we made this time. I came home later and made more to send to Jacob for him to had out to the guys to send home. I had taken a picture at the center only to get home and find out my compact flash card was not in the camera, so of course they weren't saved -Ugh!

This one is using the Dasher stamp.

This card uses "Christmas Punch" and "Heard from the Heart" stamp sets

We also made the card using the "Big on Christmas" stamp set that I posted earlier.

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