Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Punch Character Class

Sorry, for the delay in sharing these with you. I had my class last weekend on Sept. 5th. It was a small class, but we had a blast making these instructional cards on how to make each character as a future attendee just made 2 characters instead to use on cards and just keep one as a reference. These are 6x6 and will fit into the 6x6 page protectors, so that you can make a booklet of punch ideas. We were to do 10, but ran out of time (even ran over time), so I will adjust my next class. The name in parenthesis next to each is who I CASED it from if known.

Lion (my personal favorite)

Ballerina (Sarah Stetler)

Ballerina or Fairy (add vellum wings)

Jumping Frog (this one moves) (Julie ?)

Bunny (Sue Duffy)

Ladybug (Angie Kennedy Juda)

Sheep (hard to see, but the body is the scallop circle) (Roxy ?)

Hippo Face (Roxy ?) (I changed this one up afterwards. It originally used the lg. and sm. oval for the ears, but I found them to look too large and make him look more like a donkey vs a hippo, so I switched them to using the 1/2" circle punch and overlayed them with the gray showing on one side and then trimmed the excess black off from the back. Now he looks more like a hippo.

We also did a Japense Doll, but I can't find my card for her...think I sent it to my cousin with some extras I had made for her.

We had such a good time with this and several others that wanted to attend were not able to, so I am planning on having another one with different characters soon, so keep checking my DBWS for dates. We will do 5 characters next time. Hope to see you there once I set a date. I think I will do a Halloween character one....already have a few in mind to make. I have a lot of things going on in Oct., so at this time it looks like Oct. 24th may be the only date I have open.

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bluepoohbear75 said...

Those are so cute. I love all the things I am finding you can do with a few punches. Thanks for sharing.