Monday, August 1, 2011

Catching Up!

Sorry to have neglected my blog. I have doing more here lately and have a lot to share from a new stamping group I am in (new to me), called VCRocks (Virtual Convention Rocks). I have been having a blast, sending and receiving RAKs, joined a couple of swaps and we even have a Virtual Hotel and Roomie. I am on the Spicy Floor and have a gotten to know my roomie some via e-mail. We also exchanged roomie goodie boxes. I just got mine, but will be opening it tonight (waiting for her acknowledgement of my receiving it, she got mine already and we will both now open them). I was unable to share anything until received by all and then I just got busy. So tonight I plan to get everything downloaded. So there will be lots of pics and posts coming up tonight, so please check back tomorrow (as it will be late when I get it all done).

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